Saturday, March 17, 2012

March Class - Punched Double Gatefold Card

 Here is one of the sample cards you will have the option to make in my Technique Card class this month. A punched double gatefold card. This one would make a beautiful invitation for a wedding or engagement.

Class dates are - Thursday March 22nd at 7.30pm
                           Saturday March 24th at 1.30pm
Cost is $15 to make two cards
Email me at if you would like to come along. Classes are held in Mt. Waverley.

This is the card when open, so plenty of space to print an invitation. I'll have other samples up over the next week or so so come by again and have a look.


  1. This card is just gorgeous - just my sort of style - I would love to give you the ultimate complement, and use it as inspiration to do a card of my own just like it!!

  2. Thanks Julia. I'm rather chuffed with how it turned out! I could go into the invitation business with this card!!!!!

  3. Wish I lived close to come to all your classes :(
    Your cards are sooooo pretty!

  4. I absolutely love this card! How do you get the hearts all punched without crushing the embossing. Do you cut out the heart first then emboss?

    1. Hi Bobbi, The heart punch is used to punch the hearts so there is no risk to crushing the embossing. I punch the hearts out in layers - so the base card first, the layer on the first matt and line up the punch and repunch and the same again with the embossed matt. Hope that helps and so pleased to hear you love my card!

    2. Beautiful card! Thanks for sharing and thanks for explaining how you did it!

  5. Gorgeous card. I really appreciate you sharing how you created it.



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